Woman brands elderly neighbour ‘vindictive witch’ in heated row over hedge

A woman has branded her elderly neighbour a ‘vindictive witch’ in a heated row over a hedge. The homeowner slammed her neighbour for refusing to remove a tree stump despite offering to pay for the work, reports the Mirror.

The woman took her complaints with her neighbour to social media to gauge other users opinions on the ongoing saga. The homeowner, posting on Mumsnet, claims that the tree stump in her neighbour’s garden is preventing her from planting a hedge.

The woman says the issues began not long after she and her partner moved into the property. Upon reviewing the garden, they decided to fix the existing hedge which was ‘falling down’.

They agreed to remove the hedge after consulting with their elderly neighbour, who shared the hedge as a boundary line between the two houses. The woman says her neighbour was initially not keen on the idea as she was worried about the safety of her dogs.

However, after the pet owner erected a picket fence and installed chicken wire in their garden, they felt more comfortable with the idea. However, despite co-signing on the plan, the neighbour then disrupted it by removing a tree at the edge of her garden.

The neighbours cannot come to an agreement (stock photo)

The woman claims the remaining stump leans over into her garden and the left over roots prevent them from planting the new hedge. The couple offered to split the cost to hire a professional to remove the stump but the neighbour said she could not afford the expense.

The woman then says she offered to cover the cost initially and the woman could pay her back, which she then also refused. In a last gasp attempt to solve the issue, the homeowner offered to fit the entire bill but the neighbour is now refusing to let her access her property to complete the removal.

The woman said: “I tried to stay calm and advised her that without the stump removal it would be nigh on impossible to replant the hedge. She then went on a rant saying that we shouldn’t have left her without a boundary – then to top it off said that the tree she arranged to have removed was actually ours because the roots are coming from our garden!!

“But she had it removed without even discussing it with us and now has made it impossible for us to remove it? She says she is going to plant some conifers along her side of the boundary.”

The homeowner said “she lost it” after hearing her neighbour’s reply and that she has now been left stumped by the problem. The woman added: “She is being a deliberately difficult old woman.

“I feel like we’ve been considerate at every step, we’ve hardly marched it to this property and started ripping it apart and causing her disruption. Part of me wants to say ‘f**k you’, tear the whole hedge down on that side and put up a 2 metre fence.”

The homeowner also says she feels the elderly woman unfairly expected the couple to take on responsibility for her dogs. In a later comment, she said: ” I did say to my husband that it’s not our responsibility to keep her dogs from getting out.

“She acted like it was our responsibility. She seems like such a vindictive witch.”

The dispute caused quite the social media stir with people quick to give their opinions on the ongoing hedge battle. Some, commenters were quick to rush to the defence of the neighbour.

One person said: “You sound like quite hard work and like you’re trying to start unnecessary drama for no reason.” And another wrote: “You haven’t been THAT considerate though, have you?

“You’re doing this to your timeline, when it suits you. She wasn’t happy and you ploughed on anyway, pulling out the hedge because it was convenient for you even though you couldn’t replace it at the time.

“She’s responding in kind, not putting herself out for your convenience.”

However, other people were on the side of the homeowner, suggesting they saw her side of the dilemma. One person said: “If it’s your boundary I would just put up the highest fence I could and not replant.”

Meanwhile, a different person added: “She doesn’t get to dictate what you do with your boundary.”

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