Woman branded ‘shameful’ in note after garden leaves blow onto neighbour’s lawn

A woman was branded ‘shameful’ in the midst of an neighbourly row after she discovered an angry note that had been left in her mailbox, the Mirror reports. The anonymous note slammed the homeowner and accused her of letting the leaves from her garden blow over onto her elderly neighbour’s land who is forced to tidy up the mess ”every day”.

The woman took to Reddit to share the accusatory note with other online users and defend herself as she explained the situation could not be helped as she works all day and ”can’t control where the wind blows”. The shocking note read: “DEAR NEIGHBOUR, I drove by your house today, and then by your neighbours – The Wilsons.”

The letter continued: “I saw that poor old man, who I believe is 85 years old, working most of the day cleaning up leaves. He has worked other days too cleaning up his leaves.

“I couldn’t help but notice that you are allowing the leaves from your yard to blow over onto his yard. Shame on YOU!!!”

Clarifying the situation in the caption, the title of the post read: “Because I work all day and can control where the wind blows. Was mailed to me (probably by my neighbour’s wife), envelope postmarked the next town over.”

Since sharing the viral post has received thousands of comments from other shocked Redditors who were quick to side with the accused neighbour. One person asked: “If it bothered them so much, why didn’t THEY help the old man rake the leaves?!”

The woman was accused of allowing her leaves to blow onto her elderly neighbour’s garden who is forced to clean them up

Someone else wrote: “Unless the 85-year-old tells you he has a problem with it I wouldn’t be too worried. If he’s like my grandfather it’s what gets him up out of his chair every day.”

One user even gave a valid reason as to why the leaves should remain untouched and that the situation may even actually benefit the 85-year-old next door. The user claimed: “Leaving the leaves is literally good for the soil and the environment”

“The only time you should worry about the leaves is when they block drainage. Leaves are good for lawns and help them bounce back after the winter frost,” another person agreed.

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