I tried out the new iPhone 14 Pro and found out it lives up to the hype

Whenever a new iPhone comes out, the first thing we find ourselves asking is, is it actually worth it?

I’ve been a loyal customer to Apple for years and typically find myself appreciating the latest advancements, but is the latest iPhone worth over a thousand pounds? Should you just get the latest iOS update?

I tried out the iPhone 14 Pro for a few weeks and this is what I thought…

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The phone itself is really sturdy, I didn’t actively try to test this out but there were a few moments where it had fallen off my bed onto a wooden floor or slipped out of my grasp. Due to the length of time I was using the phone I didn’t invest in a phone case, despite being dropped from time to time it looks exactly like when I first opened the box.

There’s not much in the box, just the phone and a charging wire, it doesn’t come with a plug to get it into the wall, that has to be bought separately. The wire is USB-C rather than the traditional USB so I found myself using the charger for my iPhone 11 instead.

One thing that really stood out to me was the quality of the camera, it was immediately apparent that this was where the phone really shines. When shooting a video the quality is unlike anything I’ve ever personally used with Apple and the images are so crisp and in focus that I was shocked they were from a phone.

The screen is never dark

Another thing that stood out was the zoom, you can easily do 3x zoom without losing quality which is something I’ve never seen before on an iPhone.

While this is a nice feature, I think unless your income requires you to create crisp visuals it’s not really a must have. I would recommend this products to content creators who want to just use one device but otherwise I think the older models have decent cameras.

One thing I found quite strange is that even when you lock the iPhone 14 Pro it doesn’t go completely dark, instead it shows your lock screen and outstanding notifications which is weird to adjust to. It means that you can see what apps the notifications are coming from at a glance but makes it a little bit harder to unplug.

ice cream on iPhone 14 Pro
The camera quality really stands out

The new phone is really sleek and feels sturdier than past models, but unless you need slick images I think it’s probably better to stick to a previous model.

I have an iPhone 11 and while I can see the appeal of the new model, I don’t think it provides me with anything extra that I massively need.

It is convenient to have a high quality camera in your pocket but I don’t think my current lifestyle actually makes me need it, meaning I personally wouldn’t splash out the extra cash for the camera upgrade.

That said, it is still a nice and sleek model. I’m impressed above all with how sturdy the phone is and I can totally understand the appeal.

You can buy the iPhone 14 Pro here from £1,099.


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