I made a ‘healthy’ McDonald’s egg and bacon McMuffin in my air fryer – and it was tastier and much cheaper

McDonald’s McMuffins are just great, aren’t they? Whether to help cure early-morning-sleep-depravity, a hangover, or even just because the car-driver has swung in without consulting the passengers, because it is pretty safe to assume nobody would turn down a McDonald’s McMuffin.

So what actually is a McDonald’s McMuffin? Well, it is basically all your favourite breakfast foods crammed into an English breakfast muffin. McDonald’s offers three options of McMuffins.

You can either have the Sausage and Egg McMuffin, consisting of a pork sausage patty, an egg, a cheddar cheese slice, the Egg and Cheese McMuffin, which is the same without the patty, or my personal favourite, the Bacon and Egg McMuffin. No points for guessing that it is the same again, but swaps the patty for bacon.

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Now I know talking about how many calories are in our food is a detested topic in 2022, after the government forced big restaurants and pubs to put calorie counts next to menu options . However, part of the brilliance of the air fryer is it uses rapid hot air circulation to make food crisp, taking away the need for oil.

According to Webmd , using an air fryer results in between 70 and 80 per cent less fat, so I decided to see if I could make a Bacon and Egg McMuffin in my Ninja AF100 Air Fryer . It is currently down to £99 on Ninja’s website .

Although there are several air fryer recipes online, I used my own past experience of cooking air fryer breakfasts . The recipe I used was for one McMuffin, so of course you can double or triple and so forth for more portions.

All my ingredients came from Sainsbury’s .

Recipe for an air fryer McDonald’s McMuffin


  • One English breakfast muffin
  • Two rashers of streaky bacon
  • One egg
  • One slice of burger cheese


  1. Preheat the air fryer to 200 degrees celsius for five minutes

  2. Place the bacon in the air fryer for four minutes

  3. Flip the bacon after four minutes

  4. Take the bacon out of the air fryer

  5. Crack and egg into a shallow ramekin and place in the air fryer

  6. After five minutes, check the egg and give another couple minutes if needed

  7. Once ready, pull the egg out of the air fryer to cool

  8. Split your muffin and put both sides inside the air fryer for three minutes

  9. Put the bacon back in for the last minute if it needs warming up

  10. Voila! Time to assemble your McMuffin. Use the order: muffin, cheese, egg, bacon, muffin.

The execution

I sometimes find air fryer cooking a little chaotic, as everything needs to be in and out at different times, but I honestly found making a McMuffin pretty painless. Afterall, the only two elements that really need doing in the air fryer is the bacon and egg.

My final McMuffin turned out better than I expected

I was a little worried about how the egg would turn out, and it did stick to the ramekin a little, note to self grease with butter next time, but it was delicious. It even had a slightly runny yolk, something you cannot get in McDonald’s.

The best bit? Absolutely no grease. The air fryer has a grate which sits slightly above the bottom, so even the fat from the bacon runs down, further reducing the fat content.

I compared my final product with an actual McDonald’s Bacon and Egg McMuffin and mine was better by a mile. I used streaky bacon, so the breakfast had a delicious crunch, plus my egg was slightly runny, but not enough to get messy.

It also tasted a lot more natural than the McDonald’s version, which can sometimes taste a little mushy and processed. You will not catch me buying another McMuffin for a while.

The McDonald's McMuffin cost £1.66 more
The McDonald’s McMuffin cost £1.66 more

The air fryer

The Ninja Air Fryer AF100 is the smallest and cheapest air fryer Ninja stocks, but that is not to sell it short. It is easy to use, with every control self-explanatory without needing to read the instruction manual.

Plus it is quick, reasonably quiet for a kitchen appliance, and everything I have cooked in it has turned brown and crisp. It has four functions, air fry, dehydrate, reheat and roast.

The best part is the main basket and inside grill can go straight into the dishwasher. All-in-all, the quality feels great, it is a lot smaller than other air fryers on the market, and I have had no fails so far with it.

The Air Fryer is currently on sale on Ninja’s website for £99.

The Ninja Air Fryer costs £99
The Ninja Air Fryer costs £99

The price difference

A McDonald’s Bacon and Egg McMuffin costs £2.59, and my McMuffin cost me 93p based off of Sainsbury’s local prices, which are more expensive than you will find in a supermarket anyway. Buying your own ingredients and using this method will save you £1.66.

That can add up to quite a lot, especially when buying more than one McMuffin.

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