Black Country vs Birmingham pronunciations – video goes viral with two million views

Do you say ‘horse’ or ‘oss’, ‘don’t or ‘doe’? Everyone in the Black Country and Birmingham know how frustrating it is when people confuse the dialects – and now it’s been proven with a video highlighting the differences going viral.

Beyoncé Porter, who is originally from Washwood Heath, created a video comparing her Brummie dialect to her colleague’s Black Country dialect. The video was posted online and quickly went viral with two million views on Instagram and 1.4 million on TikTok.

The pair compared how they pronounced words and phrases in their dialects with some sounding more similar and others completely different. Beyoncé and her colleague recorded a second version after the first flew online, and the next hit 1.6 million views on TikTok and 380k on Instagram.

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Beyoncé, 21, who also records fashion and dance videos, said she has been recognised by strangers out in public who have seen her videos. “I’ve got cousins who live in London and we used to clash as to how we speak and how to pronounce words,” she said.

“I went to go and stay with them and one day I thought let’s do a video as a joke and the first video blew up. It was over 100,000 views in days.

“So after that I thought I could do it again. I thought it could be a trend. I’m planning to do one with the Manchester accent too.

“My colleague didn’t realise how big the Black Country video got until she came back into work saying ‘you didn’t tell me it was going that big!’ I had no idea either.”

To view Beyoncé’s TikTok click here, or click here for her Instagram.


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