Teen almost loses leg when family’s ‘protector’ pitbull started ‘ripping her apart’

Lexie Beebe had been in her bedroom with friends when she nipped downstairs alone and came face to face with Southy who lunged for her throat. Southy sunk his teeth into her leg

Lexie Beebe with her pet pitbull Southy which was put down after he attacked her

A teen almost lost her leg when a pitbull terrier that was supposed to be family’s ‘protector’ turned on her.

Lexie Beebe says before the attack her family had trusted the giant dogs with their lives and 18-month-old and the dog, called Southy, had even slept in her bed.

The family had eight pitbulls, but the pet turned on her and began ‘ripping her apart’.

Lexie, 16, had been in her bedroom with friends when she nipped downstairs alone and came face to face with Southy who lunged for her throat.

She managed to turn away to protect her neck but the animal sunk its teeth into her leg tearing out her flesh and muscle.

The family had eight American Pitbulls as pets


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Lexie Beebe’s leg after Southey attacked her


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Mum Ryan Beebe, 43, and stepdad Zachary Wagner, 30, rushed to the bottom of the stairs where they found blood on the floor and ceiling.

Lexie, meanwhile, was still in the dog’s jaws and the animal had bitten into her leg so deeply she said she heard his teeth graze the bone.

Machinist Zachary tried to prise Southy’s teeth apart but was forced to choke the dog until it let go of Lexie’s leg.

He used a belt as a tourniquet to stop Lexie from losing blood, which doctors said probably saved her life.

Lexie Beebe in hospital after she was attacked by her pitbull Southy


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The high school student was taken to hospital by ambulance and rushed straight into a six-hour operation.

Doctors attempted to re-attach muscle and ligaments but warned her family they may not be able to save her leg.

Lexie, from New York, US, said: “It was a normal Sunday morning. I was hanging out with friends.

“I went downstairs pretty quickly, opened the baby gate and as soon as I opened it there the dog was, there was a small growl and he jumped at my throat first but I turned away quick enough so he grabbed onto my leg.

“It was really bad. He was hanging onto my leg. I lost feeling at one point but in the beginning, I could feel all of it.

“I was in a lot of shock.

“He was on my leg for around 30 seconds but he did so much damage it was crazy.

“My stepdad, thank God he was home, tried to prise his jaw open but he had to choke him almost completely to get him off then he took him out back away from everyone.

“It was definitely the scariest day of my life.”

Ryan added: “I heard a sickening scream for help and then I heard a dog bark so my initial thought was there was a dog fight.

“Never in a million years did I think one of my children was being ripped apart.

“I ran out there and my fiancé had her legs wrapped in towels. He told me not to look but of course I looked.

“As he was moving the towels, I could see the meat from her leg and the muscle on the floor. I thought I was going to pass out but my little girl was sitting next to me.

“It crossed my mind that I was going to lose her. I’ve never in my life seen an injury like that. I didn’t want her to bleed to death.

“They didn’t know if they could save her leg but we were grateful that they could save her.”

The family have had pitbulls for ten years and raised Southy since he was 11 weeks old so were in shock after he bit Lexie.

They owned eight at the time of the attack but Southy was put down by animal control the next day.

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Lexie Beebe’s leg after the surgery


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Ryan insisted on rehoming the rest out of fear they could attack her younger children, Maddox, eight, and Ryan, three.

Lexie said: “He slept with my baby brother, that was his favourite person.

“I was so surprised, the day he attacked me he was playing with my baby brother with before it happened.

“I was devastated that he hurt me but I knew he needed to be put down. I have two little brothers and if it was them, they wouldn’t have survived it.

“We got rid of all seven of them. We were scared and done with the breed.”

Lexie doesn’t have much feeling in her lower leg and her little toe is paralysed due to nerve damage.

But she defied doctor’s expectations and was able to walk again. A second operation will be held in Aprilwhere fat will be taken from other parts of her body to fill the gaps in her leg.

A GoFundMe to help cover the costs of travel to and from the hospital as well as other expenses.

Lexie said: “There was a whole chunk of muscle that was completely gone.

“I can walk now and the doctors didn’t think I would be able too so soon. My little toe is paralysed and I don’t have a lot of feeling in my lower leg because there’s a lot of nerve damage.”

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