Mum ‘abused and murdered son, six, over potty training’, court told

A woman has been accused of abusing and murdering her six-year-old son in Utah over his potty training, with the boy having died from a blunt trauma to the head, it is reported

Reyna Flores-Rosales’ trial has started in Utah

A mum is accused of killing her six-year-old son over his potty training with the boy having died from a blow to the head, a court heard.

Reyna Flores-Rosales’ trial has started in Utah where she has been charged with three counts of child abuse, and the aggravated murder of her son Norlin.

A jury was shown text messages sent hours before Flores-Rosales called 911, where she said she would leave him on the toilet until he goes and that it is “exhausting”, it is reported.

Prosecutors have alleged that the defendant has consistently changed her story since she made the initial call for emergency services on February 25, 2019.

In the 911 call she asked for help for her son who she said she left alone in the bathroom.

Flores-Rosales has been charged with three counts of child abuse, and the aggravated murder of her son



Prosecution lawyer Richard Pehrson told how the six-year-old had died from blunt trauma to the head, which was determined to be not an accident, and had wounds all over his body, reported

He said the injuries would have been very painful and were in various stages of healing which included burns to his back.

The alleged changes to the defendants story saw her initially say that she was the only one responsible for watching her son and that it was his clumsiness and insistence on using hot water that led to the injuries.

But then she is claimed to have blamed others including a neighbour.

Footage was also reportedly played in court where Norlin appeared worried that he was going to be punished.

At the same time, defence lawyer Deborah Kreeck Mendez said that losing her son had been traumatic for Flores-Rosales and that her desperation was shown in the initial 911 call.

She reportedly said that police may have not looked at evidence that could have implicated others in the boy’s death while she told the court about the troubles that the defendant was going through with a lack of money. Ms Mendez also referred to the presence of drugs and the involvement of a neighbour who has since been convicted of being a dealer.

The court was told how the neighbour would raise and lower the water heater that could lead to burns.

Ms Mendez also said that videos of the boy were made for her family and the boy’s dad in Honduras with the idea that he could go there where he would receive more help.

The trial continues.

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