Whatcha Reading? March 2023, Part One

Cup of coffee and yarn for knitting on plaid with books close-upOkay for real this time. It’s time for part one of March’s Whatcha Reading. I know I jumped the gun in February.

Elyse: I just started Mountains Made of Glass ( A | BN | K ) and so far I’m really enjoying it.

Shana: I’m reading the Sum of All Kisses by Julia Quinn ( A | BN | K | G | AB | Au | Scribd ) and wishing there was more banter.

I’m also listening to the audiobook of Drama Free: A Guide to Managing Unhealthy Family Relationships and it is amazing. Highly recommend!

Carrie: I just finished Marvelous by Molly Greeley, ( A | BN | K ) such a beautiful and gorgeously written historical narrative novel about Pedro Gonzales, a person who was born with hypertrichosis and whose marriage inspired the beauty and the beast fairytale

Kiki: I’m listening to the Legend of All Wolves series by Maria Vale ( A | BN | K | G | AB ) on audiobook and having a lot of big feelings. My mom grew up going to the Adirondacks (where the series is set), and my family went to the Adirondacks pretty regularly when I was young, and it has such a special place in my heart that every time it’s described with such love and reverence I get a little teary eyed.

Which is a hilarious experience because I’ll be deep in my feelings about the forests and the fire towers and this beautiful, special place and in the next paragraph the characters are having sex against a tree.

Amanda: I love that series so much!

So whatcha reading? Tell us below!

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