Final Fantasy 16 Reveals New Details About Combat, Story, and Eikon Battles

Final Fantasy 16 fans were given an overview trailer covering four of the game’s central aspects, including its story, combat, and even boss battles with the Eikons. As the game gets closer to its summer release date, its producer Naoki Yoshida, or Yoshi-P, has been giving out plenty of details regarding the game and what to expect. This includes its playtime, cutscene length, and much more. Recently, the producer was present at PAX East 2023, an annual gaming convention that took place in Boston, MA, where he held a panel for two games that he’s heavily involved in: Final Fantasy 16 and Final Fantasy 14.


The panel for Final Fantasy 16 was held this past Saturday live on YouTube and in-person at the convention. He showed off several aspects of the game, including a cinematic trailer for FF16, which covered several environments that could be explored. These were quite diverse – from rocky mountain ranges, war-torn towns, lush green forests, and even a volcano. This panel also showcased another trailer that covered the four main “pillars” of FF16, which were the narrative, characters, visuals, and combat.

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After Yoshida went over these four core aspects, fans got their first look at this trailer (timestamp of 11:20 for the VOD of the stream) which gave a brief overview of these elements. It starts with Clive in a fire-lit cave, where he recounts his objective while clenching his fist in anger. The trailer then immediately shifts into various combat encounters in FF16, where he can use a variety of elemental abilities granted to him by the Eikons. These elements can be imbued into his sword for greater damage, and he can also fire off sword beams during combat. Players also got to see Clive’s confidant, Jill Warrick, in a brief cutscene.

After a fade to black, the trailer focuses on the Eikon boss battles in FF16, with the player controlling Ifrit, battling against Garuda. This tussle between Kaiju-sized monsters is more cinematic than normal encounters, with flashy special attacks. Other encounters with the Eikons can also be seen, such as a fight with Titan as Ifrit, with the former being much bigger than the latter. There also is a giant Eikon boss that controls lightning, with Clive being a small speck in comparison. Another Eikon can be found in a ghastly shadow realm, where it is a gray undead figure with two giant arms that can float.

After the trailer’s premiere at the panel, Yoshida notes the entire trailer did not have any pre-rendered elements, with everything shown running in-engine and in real-time. Yoshida and his trailer then discuss several aspects of Final Fantasy 16‘s lore, such as the relevance of the crystals, and how they tie into the central conflict.

Final Fantasy 16 will launch on June 22, exclusively for PS5.

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