Don’t rely on Bing, ChatGPT, or Bard for vital PC building questions

Anyone who’s been on the text-to-text generation trend knows that sometimes it’s difficult to get a truthful answer out of these early AI chatbots. We’re looking to large language models (LLMs) to simplify our lives by pulling together research from all across the web, but when some AI have been caught straight up lying—even spiralling into a meltdown when confronted about their inaccuracies (opens in new tab)—it’s hard to know where to turn for authentic information.

I wanted to pit the top free language models against one another with questions we on the PCG hardware team could confidently answer as pro PC builders. So once I got access to Bard, Google’s new chatbot, you can bet I gave it a hard time with ambiguous questions that require a solid knowledge base to answer.

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