9 Memes That Perfectly Sum Up Captain America As A Character

Considering fans’ concerns about Phase 4’s current trajectory, Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige assured that the storylines will become clearer and hinted at potential announcements about Phase 5 in the coming months. This could mean more revelations about Captain America 4, following Sam Wilson’s iteration as Captain America.

As MCU fans are excited to see Sam’s story, they also reminisce about Steve Rogers’ time as the original Captain America. A brave and patriotic superhero who can always “do this all day,” there was no threat that Steve was willing to back down from stopping HYDRA to facing Thanos on the Battle of Earth. Many memes highlighted Steve’s legacy, especially when he wielded Mjölnir.


He Is Intense


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Captain America takes every mission seriously and he is always concerned about the greater good. Every task he is put up against is taken with great commitment, and given that a lot of people depend on him, he is always emotionally involved.

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That said, every time he sees any form of danger or enemy on the horizon he usually reacts intensely and transmits that through his facial expressions. His concerned and confused face in the meme’s images only shows how invested he can become in every battle, even though he looks like he is seeing a bird flying with his food.

He Puts Others First

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Steve Rogers has a great sense of what is right and what is wrong, and always perceives other people’s lives as more important than his own. He is very selfless and has shown it multiple times by protecting others, and Natasha is just one of the countless people Rogers has tried to save using himself as a shield.

Of course in the particular scene referenced in the meme, where Steve protects Natasha from an explosion, he had one of Marvel’s most iconic props: his shield. But, as fans know, when a dummy grenade was thrown when he was training to be a soldier, he bravely threw himself on top of it to save his fellow soldiers when he was just a skinny man.

He Thinks Outside Of The Box

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It is not clear whether he was trying to choke Ultron or just trying to hold him in some position that would immobilize him. Either way, he was trying all the possible solutions to defeat in combat an artificial intelligence that he had never faced before. He had to think outside the box and try everything possible.

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Captain America was born in 1918, so he probably had never seen a humanoid robot in his life. Nevertheless, he put off a fight worthy of applause and recognition for his quick thinking. His intelligence may be overlooked next to characters like Stark, but his way of thinking outside of the box made him get that flag down off the pole in Captain America: The First Avengerand led him to decide to “choke” Ultron.

He Was Frozen


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After defeating one of his worst villains, Red Skull, and crashing a ship in Greenland, Captain America was presumed dead. But, as it is known, he was later found frozen in the Arctic Ocean. He did not age a day and ice worked had worked on him like a very cold time capsule.

He really struggled in adapting to the new era he had woken up in and was disappointed that he did not have the dance with the love of his life, Peggy Carter. This was very hard for Captain America, but it is good to know fans can find the humor in it.

He Is An Old Man In A Young Body


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He refers to people as “Ma’am”, “Son”, doesn’t understand what the internet is, takes time to explain to younger people how things were different in his time, and does other things that usually only grandparents do or say. But most importantly, as this meme references, he scolds people for cursing.

He is a mannered man from the 40s and always shows it, but he proved it the most when, in Avengers: Age of UltronIron Man said “sh*t” and Captain America said one of his funniest quotes on the MCU, “Language!” The Avengers did not let that go, and neither will fans.

He Has A Nice Looking Body

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Peggy Carter was the first person to fall weak upon the astonishing new body of Steve Rogers after the Super Soldier serum was injected into his skin. As fans remember, for a moment there she first couldn’t control the temptation of touching Roger’s buffed chest.

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Carter was not the only one to acknowledge Captain America’s exquisite physique since superheroes such as Ant-Man recognized that his butt was so good looking that it represented the country. Rogers himself admitted that it was truly “America’s Ass” and fans couldn’t agree more.

He Is An Amazing Friend

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Steve Rogers does not see his fellow superheroes as competition. As any great friend and human being would, he is proud when they make progress or do the right choice. When Thor shows off how he has become more powerful on the battlefield, Steve can’t help but smile.

The same happens to Thor when he sees Captain America hold the Mjölnir in Avengers: EndgameRoger’s reaction to Thor’s acquired powers just shows how great of a friend he is, but his capability of holding Thor’s hammer proved that he has such a righteous and powerful soul that he was worthy of using it.

He Will Do Anything For His Loved Ones


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Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes had been friends since childhood, and their love for each other proved to be stronger than any wicked brainwashing experimentation. Captain America did the impossible to save Bucky, and when his best friend was about to kill him, Rogers did not defend himself but said “I’m with you till the end of the line.”

Captain America does whatever in his hands to help the people he loves, and he is always willing to forgive them and understand them. Peggy Carter can say no less of Steve Roger’s extraordinary actions in the name of love, given that he went back in time to be with her for the rest of his life. Fans needed no other proof to decide they were the best ship in Captain America’s trilogy.

He Is An Unsurprising Gentleman


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Steve Rogers can be in the middle of a battle risking his life, but despite how menacing his surroundings can be, he is always a gentleman. So taking the time in combat to introduce himself to Groot is not surprising for this well-mannered soldier, who is a hundred years old.

It’s funny to think though that Groot was probably saying something else, but neither Rocket nor any of the other members of the Guardians of the Galaxy were around to translate. However, unlike any other superhero, Captain America had the decency to introduce himself to Groot.

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